Friday, October 30, 2009

towering pics

not all of these are very big plants , but I suppose that does not make a difference to the bugs , everything must tower

Spinach is not so towering

these are the dried stalks from a succulent

Yellow Iris leaves .. or rather the leaves of a Yellow Iris

Red Salvia .. I love the sky there

geranium underneath towering blue Salvia

from the opposite side you can see the low mint brightened by the flash ..
geraniums just behind and the blue Salvia stalks in the sky

towering wall ..
not really a plant
but I like the drop of water
so sparkling

I wish
It is no higher than my knee
And has been that way for the last two years

Towering inquisitive investigator
couldn't resist putting in this fancy face

purple salvia
that little yello hook at the bottom is a yellow arum
they are coming
I must not be impatient
(repeat 5 times - to calm down)

this picture was the reason for this post
It's an Arcacia tree that is one of the two trees from the original garden
I ripped out everything else.

it just goes and goes.

this is a new Arcacia that has sprouted from the many seed pods that fell.
There are many that have popped

lets see how long it lasts
I'm daydreaming about bonsais


  1. Puts a whole different perspective on things shooting from below huh? Wonderful photos. I was recently out photographing my horses, and took a few shots from underneath. Amazing.

  2. Falling drops are amazing! All pictures are very interesting. The investigator is the best!

  3. Hi, Just visiting from Blotanical.
    Thanks for picking my post.

    You got a nice looking tree, very nicely captured in camera.

  4. Hi Robin .. yes it does , it's nat easy to see if the camera focused properly though , so it takes a few tries before one comes out clear.

    Thanks Tatyana . the 'investigator' was investigating the camera then , and took that one out herself.

    James , blotanical is soo cool , and you have a very nice post .. I just picked the tiger orchid , stunning.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment