Monday, November 8, 2010


Hi All
I went MIG . missing in garden.
Winter was cold and dark and I did very little treading in the Garden.
At the End of winter I'm pregnant . The kids are eagerly awaiting their little sister.

I was busy with other things too .. like a framing course (see the white frame on the table) and a 3000 piece puzzle

Also the kids got silkworms which has kept them busy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Arums still growing

I could hardly believe it , but the arums are still there

and still going strong

not sad and sickly

as they have been in the previous years

this is the best arum year .I have ever had

and it must only get better

happy blogging

Monday, January 11, 2010

first blog of the year

This is a tiny yellow flower at koppies dam last week.
you can see my hubby and car in the background, close to the waters edge.
And can image the dirt that traveled home with us.

these zebra's where amazing , they came really close for a treat

I have not been in the garden much since I discovered a bunch of addictive books,
from Twilight to Harry Potter.
but even with my neglect , it continues to grow beautifully 

the bumbles are quite happy without me

this bee buzzes arround , legs heavy with pollen.
I caught him taking a break on my overgrown broccolli
you can see the seed pods and flowers.

Sadly I had to rip them out the other day. It seems this bee is a secret agent to all kinds of fuzzy bugs and soon their whole family moved in on my overgrown trees.
I weighed carefully the possiblitiy of spraying and waiting for the seeds , but decided it was not worth the infestation.

this pumpkin perched peculiar on top of the rung , it's a dare devil this one

it didn't care , living on the edge

and to end a red rose .. hopefull I'm forgiven for not posting as often ..

happy blogging

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Summer Pics

some summer pics , what more can be said. After being to John's winter wonderland , I needed some summer pics.

a sleeping bumble bee

wild garlic and orchids complementing each other

no need to guess what this is , check out the drop of water

really love the bumblebee

sunlight on Nicole

two arums are better than one

these red daliahs happy up my garden

and make the bees happy too

summer is all about buds

I've never had so many on the Durban July before.

I've been good this year , with Epsom Salts and compost and liquid fertilizer

agapanthus in progress

some grass on death row .. in time

corrianda soften the beds and add a wonderful smell when watered
mental note to add more randomly to all the beds

fantastic fressia

happy blogging

ps, if you first found this post empty , it's becasue I pressed enter too many times , my apologies

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roses at night

all taken on the same night as the orchids.
these are red bella-somthing roses from Ludwigs

This yellow rose is a flori-bunda called Fressia and it smells heavenly

this peach beauty is the biggest rose in my garden and has the strongest smell .
It's in the wrong spot though , it does not get enough sun

and I'm not that brave yet to move it
Her name is Just Joey

you would have met Durban July in a previous post.

and next to her is the shy Johannesburger  ,
but that is only because Durban July has been getting all the attention

will end with the white arum at night

you can barely see the nicole in the shadow , unfortunately those came out to blurry

happy blogging

Friday, December 4, 2009

Orchids at night

It was an evening to be out in the garden , the last bit of light was stretched out till late.
And the coolness of the night called.

the orchids are on their last two flower stalks

And then they will be ready to be divided

I used the night sky as a background

And was very impressed that all the orchid pictures came out clear

I love the way the orchid flower lasts for so long

it is worth the wait

can't resist putting in an arum

happy blogging

Monday, November 30, 2009

2 dollar garden changes

well I think that is how much a bag of compost costs in dollars , it is about 18 South African Rands.
How did I do it .. I divided and everything multiplied.

the soil is heaped over the spot where I robbed this wild orchid.
I was rewarded with a leaf cut for my theft.

the kalancho on the left was as big as the right.
from far you can't really tell he has been butchered

this guy looked the same , couldn't even tell some of his sides were removed

the wild garlic that wasn't flowering well in the shade was split and shared

put them all together with a bag of compost and you get a brand new bed.
the garlic collapsed immediately.
but today I've seen a few flowers peeping already.

Two types of seeds were planted ... they should be out in 4 - 6 weeks 

All this in aid of de-grassing. And economical gardening

and what is a post without an arum , especially when they are in bloom.