Monday, November 2, 2009

macro monday

It's still 8 o' clock here in South Africa . I haven't missed macro monday yet.

inside an ice berg rose

inside a johannesburger rose (a Ludwigs)


I'm getting better at macro shots with my Nikon , you can see the pollen inside this arum

I cropped the top picture from this one

wild orchids .

These are a favorite for landscapers there is rarely a garden done at an office block that does not have these.

The marco really shows it;s true beauty.
The dark spots and the fluffy rich yellow
and the delicate blue
just perfect

a shy gloden oldie rose. I've had so many blooms on this rose already.
This lady loves the sun.
And the sun loves her.

looks like an orange bursting open.
the flower from the pomergrante
The articles on the internet says it should fruit after 3 years.. this is my third year
Sadly , some of the flowers have already fallen
but there is still hope for those hanging in.

I think it's a yellow wild orchid .. the plant's leaves look very similiar , but the yellow does not flower as abundantly as the white.
And it has these attractive dark spots on it

white Alysum .
When you find the right spot for this ground cover , then they will easily self seed.
Just be sure to shake the bush well when your pulling it out.

And to end .. this is a flower that will eventually open ..
Anyone ever seen this before ?

I will try and  pop a progressive picture of this guy in each post until it opens.

Did I say it was 8 ? It's now almost 9 .. blogging must be fun
the time is flying

happy blogging


  1. What beautiful flowers. I love the orchids, alyssum, marigolds, roses, well, everything. Your photography is very good. I look forward to future photos in your posts!

  2. Im amazed at the beauty of the flowers you take.
    But would like to check with you - are they really orchids?
    I thought the blue one is known as iris and the yellow one known as alophia. (from a lily family)
    Anyway, love your flowers.

  3. Thanks for the comments on the pictures .. As far as the name of the blue one goes that is what 'somebody' must have told me 'sometime' .. if you google image search for 'common wild orchids flower' there is a picture of similar flowers in .. but they could be wrong too