Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We are not alone

It's late , it's dark , I'm the only one awake and I hear a scratchy noise at the door. Is someone trying to break in ... Again ! I set the emergency number on my phone , just in case I need to call it quickly and slowly approach the door.

I look out and see nothing but the dark night.
scratch scratch scratch
I hear it again
Is it an invisible intruder ?
Is it a very small crook ?

no more wondering the culprit walked by the door making his scratchy noise and making me go jump for my camera.
By the time I got out he was already making his getaway

This guy scares me .. I know I'm bigger than him, but he tends to jump always in my direction.
and sneak up on you.

The other day I was happily planting seeds in some pots when from the corner of my eye I saw and antenae twitch from behind the potting soil

looked a little closer

and out popped another creepy crawly

eeeew it makes my toes curl just remembering

he scuttled of behind my seedling tray to hide

He is called a King Cricket , or locally known as a Parktown Prawn.
And he is one cricket , even though ugly , you want in your garden.

Why ?
His staple diet is snails and other crickets and other critters that are bad for your garden.

I can never kill a snail , they look at me with their little googy eyes and I feel too bad.
so these guys have moved in to do the job.

They are like the bug mafia , their armour plated suit make them difficult to kill
and even with one leg missing they can still give you the hibby jibbys

If I could I would catch one for you guys ..
but since I usually scream like a girl and run away from them , there is no chance of that.
sorry !


  1. I think that guy would freak me out too. I'm the same way with bugs, other than ladybugs. At least he's doing the dirty work in your yard.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I'm sorry, but your post had me laughing. I understand how you feel. We have small crickets, but I remember a trip to Mexico where we stayed in a house that had big black crickets that would come out at night.