Monday, October 26, 2009


What an amazing weekend.
I have decided to change my mindset.
My weekends are times of  activity and fun and doing stuff.
And my week is for resting.
That way there are no blue mondays , there is just the first day of recovering from my weekend.

It began with bee watching , the art of following a bee until it rests long enough to take a picture with a 3 zoom camera. What joy it is when your camera finally focuses clear and the bee moves.
on the first one you can see the pollen bags on the bees legs. Aren't they amazing little critters.

Next on our agenda was to an animal farm. It was my first time there and the 'regular' people found us a bit strange oohing and aahing over the geese.
even the goose found me strange taking a picture.
If I ever own a large property ... um WHEN I own a large property, I'm going to own geese!

and a grass hut.

The animal farm had an arrangement of cacti flowering plants in the middle and the color is ... is

well you can see for yourself .. it's too beautiful

This little boy, Michael  was so kind as to teach my children all the animal sounds. From the pot belly pig's 'oink' .. or rather 'guggling nose snort' .. to the squawking geese. He was promptly rewarded with pancakes for his effort.

This is his monkey act.

We purchased leashes and chains for our extended family , 2 white german shepards.

meet Storm, the lady sitting and Rex the gentleman standing. Actually there is nothing polite about either of them , when they stomp though the plants on a mission to catch the bee. Yes! they think that  one of their dutys in the garden is to rid it of bees. The alien species that attacks, by stinging them on the nose.
We gave them both a much needed bath

and took them for a walk. There are no pictures of our walk , because I needed both my hands, for this task. My wrist is still sore from Storm yanking on the leash.

Next and best part
The heavens opened up in the garden shop with the sound of angels on high. A light shining down on a plant obscure on a shelf ,
my new purchase of a pelargonium citronellum

a pretty geranium that repells mozzies.

What more could I ask , I am a spoilt child.


  1. Very cute post. It sounds like a weekend to remember.

  2. What a lovely day. And doggies! I wish you well with the geese, and your large acreage....someday! Your new geranium is a beauty. I too rest during the week after the hectic weekends. HA :-)

  3. thanks Janie and Frances
    another weekend on the way .. can't wait to see whats in store for me