Monday, November 30, 2009

2 dollar garden changes

well I think that is how much a bag of compost costs in dollars , it is about 18 South African Rands.
How did I do it .. I divided and everything multiplied.

the soil is heaped over the spot where I robbed this wild orchid.
I was rewarded with a leaf cut for my theft.

the kalancho on the left was as big as the right.
from far you can't really tell he has been butchered

this guy looked the same , couldn't even tell some of his sides were removed

the wild garlic that wasn't flowering well in the shade was split and shared

put them all together with a bag of compost and you get a brand new bed.
the garlic collapsed immediately.
but today I've seen a few flowers peeping already.

Two types of seeds were planted ... they should be out in 4 - 6 weeks 

All this in aid of de-grassing. And economical gardening

and what is a post without an arum , especially when they are in bloom.


  1. Wonderful post, I'm glad you were able to plant a new bed from plants around the garden. I find it amusing when plants collapse after planting (I have a few drama queens like that). I tell them they will be alright in a day or 2, and usually they are. I look forward to follow up pictures of the new bed. :) Rebecca

  2. You have been is so nice to be finished with dividing perennials and feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Thank you for leaving us with a photo of your beautiful Arums :0)

  3. It's fun to see what gardeners on the other side of the world are up to. As far as de-grassing goes, I started innocently enough, and now I have no turf left in the front yard: it's addictive. Keep the posts coming!

    Christine B. in Alaska

  4. It is a good feeling to divide up the ones we already have...I am working on my yard. You have been very busy :)

  5. Yes, this is the best garden store - our own garden!

  6. Hi Rebecca , I like that , plants that are drama queens , how aptly put.

    Hi Noelle yes I do feel very accomplished , and the feeling grows everytime I see more plants looking alive

    Hi Christine , I'm afraid , I'm also running out of grass .. I need a bigger property , just for the plants ..*grin

    Hi Amy I've had loads of help. My Father-in-law dug up the grass , I just needed to compost and plant

    Hi Tatyana that is so true , why throw out the overgrown bits , just replant it

  7. it must be a hard work and satisfying too in sorting, cleaning & arranging. Sort of a feeling that you have accomplished in tending the garden.
    Im sure it would look very lovely when christmas comes.