Thursday, November 26, 2009

Potato in a bag

When I started my veggie garden ,
I planned on planting the potato in a tyre ,
and it did grow

I have seen many wonderful sites on the internet about it.

I dug up a nice bed for green beans and radish and then something else started growing ..

At the bottom of the bed ,
we had thown in all the kitchen waste ,
 including the potato skins

and from way down the bottom of the bed , they started to grow ,
it was very strange

Any way there was no place for a tyre,
so I stuck in two poles on either side and put a compost bag around it.
Lets see if it will also produce vertical potatoes

Happy Blogging


  1. very nice. hope you get lots of potatoes

  2. I love that you now have a potato plant growing from skins that you threw out. It just shows that you never know what will or won't grow. Doesn't it seem like the plants we coddle don't thrive and those we ignore tend to thrive?

    Please keep us updated on how your potato plant does over the next few weeks.

  3. You put a bag around it, and if you fill that bag with soil as the plant grows, it will produce more potatoes off the stem. I love this. You just can't keep a determined plant from growing!

  4. What a pleasant surprise! We planted some potatoes in a burlap sack and in a black nursery container last summer. The harvest from those plants wasn't big, but it's because we forgot to add soil later in the season. The more soil you put there, the taller your potato vine grow. Good luck! You might start looking for great potato recepies!

  5. Hi Tatyana .. yummy , are you going to send me North West USA recepies ? I think I also need to add in some extra soil soon.

  6. Praveshree,
    I find it amazing that you are getting plants from old potato peelings. Potatoes are one of my favorite things to grow. I hope you have a wonderful crop!

  7. Hi Liisa
    This is a first for me too , some even grew out of the compost heap. I think we may be cutting the skins too thick.

    Hi Janie and Noelle , sometime all a plant needs is to be left alone to grow. Some plants , especially drought resistant ones , thrive on neglect

    Thanks James , I do hope I get lots of potatoes tooo