Tuesday, November 17, 2009

strange looking flower

In one one of my previous post, I popped in a picture of this plant

I was hoping to add it's progress to each post but now it has already opened

and it is the strangest looking flower in my garden

close up it looks like the skin of an animal

and it feels soft and leathery

and it has the most disgusting smell

so sorry to dissappoint but this is no rose

it's fills the pot very nice and compact 

and even without the flower it's stems have a range of green to purple colours

it transplants easily with a stem

and is drought resistent

unfortunately I don't know what it is called ,

this is another plant from my neighbour

happy blogging


  1. Oh, one of those!

    I think it is called a "Shroud Cactus".

    Such a pretty bloom, but it smells like rotting meat. Think spoiled chicken in the fridge.

    I have such a weak stomach that I could never keep one.

  2. I guess it is called "Shroud Cactus" because it smells like something died?

    It is a very interesting plant and the foliage is attractive -hopefully it is not in flower too much :)

  3. Very lovely plant. I had it for sometime but had killed it when I overwatered and the whole thing rot & died.

  4. It's the Stapelia lepida, or Carrion Flower and most species are native to South Africa. It attracts flies instead of bees.

    Enjoy :-D

    Yours is a lovely specimen.

  5. Oh Praveshree, I am so glad you have an ID from these generous garden bloggers. I thought it was a Euphorbia and was looking, but see it has already been named. Good deal. And thank you so much for those kind words on your comment, it means a great deal to me. :-)

  6. HI: Like your Blog. Tried to leave a comment before but did not work.
    I am having problems with Google and can not use OpenID. Am trying this time with Google to see if the problem has been corrected.

    Have a great day,

  7. Hi Janie, you have to put your nose very close to get the stench. So luckly it's not competing with the roses :)

    Hi Noelle it gets an odd flower , now and then. Not too many

    Hi James
    I keep mine in the pot , neglected and it seems to like it that way

    Thanks Among Trees , we like to show it off , even get them to smell it , just cause they don't expect it to smell so bad ha ha

    Hi Frances that was a really great blog I was even thinking about it this morning, as I'm planning to divide more plants. It seems like lots of money , when it's actually lots of hard work
    Everyone should check out your blog :

    Hi John
    Looks like your google is working again :)

  8. This is indeed a pretty flower...the texture, shape, coloring, etc...too bad it smells so disgusting;-( It sounds like the perfect plant to just enjoy in photos from afar;-)

  9. True, Praveshree, it is Stapelia and last year I saw it growing and flowering in the wild in the Kruger Park. I remember my aunt growing it years ago with her succulents. Your beautiful close-up photos really show what an interesting plant and flower it is. Thanks for posting! Jack

  10. It looks very interesting! I would forgive its bad smell for its look.

  11. Hi Jan
    I like it , even though it smells bad. The smell does not waft through the garden , thankfully .. only when you stock your nose it it.

    Hi Jack thank you very much .. that is my favorite place in SA at the moment , the Kruger Park.

    Hi Tatyana , thank you . when your in SA your most welcome to a sniff .. just in case you want to change your mind ..*grin