Monday, November 16, 2009

while I was away the arums have grown

I am very excited to annouce .. um display the wonderful changes in my yellow arums.
I have been away for the week and this is what happened to the yellow arums.

one has turned brilliant yellow

another is getting there

it's not as big as the first

and something took a nip out of it .. I wonder if it died ?

others are just peeping

My mom called to say her garden has an impressive 6 flowers
But I think I've counted 7 in mine
woo woo and a little dance

I didn't tell her though

I'm waiting for her to come visit

and see for herself


  1. Hello Pravesh,

    Most definitely six is not seven :) Hopefully, your mother will not mind that you have more.

    I am amazed at how rich the yellow color is. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thanks Noelle I'm sure she won't mind at all .. The camera color is not the same as what my eyes see .. I'm still trying to get a picture closer to it. The flash messes it up usually even more ..

  3. Wonderful pictures, the flower is stunning and the foliage is so elegant and beautiful. Great post. :) Rebecca

  4. Never seen this yellow arum in my place. It truly must be amazing.