Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roses at night

all taken on the same night as the orchids.
these are red bella-somthing roses from Ludwigs

This yellow rose is a flori-bunda called Fressia and it smells heavenly

this peach beauty is the biggest rose in my garden and has the strongest smell .
It's in the wrong spot though , it does not get enough sun

and I'm not that brave yet to move it
Her name is Just Joey

you would have met Durban July in a previous post.

and next to her is the shy Johannesburger  ,
but that is only because Durban July has been getting all the attention

will end with the white arum at night

you can barely see the nicole in the shadow , unfortunately those came out to blurry

happy blogging


  1. HI Praveshree: Liza and Johns Garden enjoyed our visit to your blog. Nice night photos. Roses are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Oh Wow! What gorgeous photos. I have never thought of taking pictures of flowers at night, but I think I should try. **By the way, I saw some Arums today for sale at our local grocery store. They were white though...not the beautiful yellow like yours.

  3. Hi Liza & John , thanks so much for the visit.

    Hi Noelle oooh yummy , I'd be tempted to buy them , especially since they are on sale

  4. your roses do look very pretty even in the dark.

    I would like to wish a wonderful Christmas & a Blessed New Year to you & your family.
    I will be on holidays and may only be back by next year.
    Take care & God bless

  5. Great pictures, and I love the diffirent perspective you used by taken the pics at night.

    I love roses.