Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Summer Pics

some summer pics , what more can be said. After being to John's winter wonderland , I needed some summer pics.

a sleeping bumble bee

wild garlic and orchids complementing each other

no need to guess what this is , check out the drop of water

really love the bumblebee

sunlight on Nicole

two arums are better than one

these red daliahs happy up my garden

and make the bees happy too

summer is all about buds

I've never had so many on the Durban July before.

I've been good this year , with Epsom Salts and compost and liquid fertilizer

agapanthus in progress

some grass on death row .. in time

corrianda soften the beds and add a wonderful smell when watered
mental note to add more randomly to all the beds

fantastic fressia

happy blogging

ps, if you first found this post empty , it's becasue I pressed enter too many times , my apologies


  1. Hi James, sorry I published blank too quickly , I hope you come back and see my summer pics

  2. Super-Lovely post! Such lovely summer memories! I love your sleepy bee..they are so cute! Wonderful buds and blooms. Love the shot of agapanthus!..and love the pink pretty! Wonderful post..I always enjoy my visit here! Great job!

  3. HI Praveshree: Nice post, change of pace better than snow. Enjoyed my visit again, thanks.

    Have a worderfull day,

  4. Beautiful post! I love the bouquet of garlic & orchids, the agapanthus is beautiful and I am crazy about the Durban rose. I'm going to have to try and find something similar here. :)

  5. Your post is such a welcome to our winter garden posts. We will be relying heavily on you to provide us with beautiful summer pictures of your garden :0)

  6. Thanks so much Kiki , I am so enjoy your visit , you always say such nice things.

    Hi John , glad you enjoyed the post , how long does winter last by you ?

    Hi Rebbecca , Noelle (azplantlady) has a rose that also changes color, check out her site. As far as I could tell , the Durban July is unique to South Africa

    Hi Noelle
    I will do my very best :)

  7. What a wonderful contrast to all that white outside my window. I especially love that agapanthus. Thank you for bringing summer into my day. -Jean

  8. Beautiful pictures..! Happy New Year