Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Arums still growing

I could hardly believe it , but the arums are still there

and still going strong

not sad and sickly

as they have been in the previous years

this is the best arum year .I have ever had

and it must only get better

happy blogging


  1. Your arums are beautiful.

    Freezing temps flattened my foliage. They'll be back when the weather warms.

  2. So pretty! How lucky are you?!

  3. I am still a big fan of your Arums. I actually saw some at the nursery the other day, but they were white, not the vibrant yellow that I love.

  4. They look wonderful, their foliage is so beautiful and lush, and the blooms are stunning.

    I'm so silly. I just thought 'wow they look a lot like calla lilies', then I found that they are one in the same! White callas are one of my favorite blooms, maybe I'll grow some as annuals this year

  5. Lovley Arums and photos of them!

  6. Heisann!

    I like to know flowers in gardens from different parts of the world, and I choose your blog, because of the photos and your blogname ;:OD)
    Have a nice day!

  7. It looks great, I wonder if there are different types of arums but have the same characteristics that you may able to plant them. Im sure there will be a burst of various colours to admire.

  8. Hi Praveshree, I have just been checking out your site.Pleased to say it is still excelent and well worth my blotanical fav. Would you be interested in swapping links with my own site www.gardenofeaden.blogspot.com ?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Simon

  9. What vibrant colors and such beauty. I live in St Pete, Florida. I do not have a garden yet I feel the people here should know the beauty they are missing because they are in such a rush. I do not have a car so I walk around the town and take pictures of just about everything and anything as you can see in my site. Once again they are so beautiful thank you for sharing.