Monday, January 11, 2010

first blog of the year

This is a tiny yellow flower at koppies dam last week.
you can see my hubby and car in the background, close to the waters edge.
And can image the dirt that traveled home with us.

these zebra's where amazing , they came really close for a treat

I have not been in the garden much since I discovered a bunch of addictive books,
from Twilight to Harry Potter.
but even with my neglect , it continues to grow beautifully 

the bumbles are quite happy without me

this bee buzzes arround , legs heavy with pollen.
I caught him taking a break on my overgrown broccolli
you can see the seed pods and flowers.

Sadly I had to rip them out the other day. It seems this bee is a secret agent to all kinds of fuzzy bugs and soon their whole family moved in on my overgrown trees.
I weighed carefully the possiblitiy of spraying and waiting for the seeds , but decided it was not worth the infestation.

this pumpkin perched peculiar on top of the rung , it's a dare devil this one

it didn't care , living on the edge

and to end a red rose .. hopefull I'm forgiven for not posting as often ..

happy blogging


  1. HI: Wonder where you were. Reading books is a good thing. Cold and snow here now, so book reading is happening. Another thing we do is read gardening blogs and look at the photos of all the flowers. Makes us dream of the coming spring and summer.

    Enjoy Your Day,

  2. Beautiful post, that pumpkin certainly is a daredevil! I have also read both the Twilight & Harry Potter series and I agree, they are both addictive. Wonderful pictures, the zebras are stunning, and the first one is gorgeous, with the flower in the foreground, beautiful sky, and family in the background. Just perfect. :)

  3. So happy to have found your blog and to follow your beautiful photos and words.

  4. I love the little pumpkin and the location it has chosen to grow in. I think blogging is as much for the blogger as it is for the readers. So, don't feel bad about not blogging recently. By the way, I love the books you mentioned. They are very addicting ;-)

  5. Hi John .. my winter is on it's way then I will be needing your summery blog.

    Hi Rebbecca , I was so impressed with the timing :) even the Zebra stepped perfectly into the sun just when I clicked. I'm looking for more addictive books .. any suggessions ?

    Hi Di thank you so much , and I totally agree with your blog on time and balance.

    Hi Noelle I'm on to Lord of the Rings now and then Narnia ..and then who knows :) ..

  6. You might enjoy The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency, it's a series of 10 (?) they are charming and although slower paced, it makes for a relaxing read (also she likes to drink tea and look at her garden). Try the first one and see if you like it. :)

  7. Hi, this is my first visit here, via James site. I love your photos, and i think this is the first blog i've come to see from your part of the world. Thank you.