Wednesday, October 14, 2009

are these the homes of fairies ?

my white arums - they are slowly emerging from the clumps of green, with milky whites and delicious yellows on the inside. If fairies lived here they would be long and elegant with flowing gowns, they may be royalty. Maybe the king and queen fairies of my garden live in the arums.

the white flowers on the cacti. these beauties smell like heaven so the fairies that live here must have great big wings like these petals, so they can fly all the way to heaven to fetch some heavenly scent for their homes .. which of course is in these flowers

the amaryllis which was bought when my son was born is now 2 years old and is flowering for the third time. .. I know it's pink .. and yes it was for my son's birth... I didn't buy it!!! .. anyway
the fairies that live here must have the same spirit as my son... lots of energy and charm. Can you see the resemblance ?

I guess you have to meet them first ?

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