Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love these pictures where the background blurs

these are the crazy pink flowers , I would call them weeds if they didn't have such pretty flowers.

wild garlic , these are soooo awesome you just divide and fill the bed. And they look good all year round.

geranium from the neighbour , everything she gives me just grows grows grows

ice berg roses .. love the masses of flowers

Salvia Blue - grown from seed last year , I'm soo proud

tiny lambs ears .. oops that the backgroud clear and the object blur

aahh much better :) this is a cheap bulb from the R5 store

can you see whos watching me ...
little guy on the right of the fire red salvia ?
hidding on the geranium leaf !!


  1. Hello,

    Welcome to Blotanical!

    Your plants are beautiful. I think the plant in the first picture is what we call Mexican Evening Primrose. I agree that their flowers are pretty, but they do grow like weeds.

    I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Hi Noelle
    Thank you, and thanks for the name of the plant, it's another addition from my neighbour , that just grows and grows.
    It rained last night and this morning I see a whole lot of new shoots arround it

  3. You have taken some nice shots of pretty flowers here. Good pictures are what I like to see. Cheers!

  4. Thank you Autumn Bell , I'm still a very very novice pic taker , nothing compared to the beauties on you blog , love the orka , we eat it here in South Africa too .. usually as a vegetable curry -- pravs