Friday, October 23, 2009


So I joined ... also the reason for starting to blog in the first place. I started blogging just so that I could blot ..... it was worth it , the people.. um bloggers are overwhelming. that is a good overwhelming  I'm getting to know people all over the world and for someone who has never travelled out of South Africa .. that is pretty qool.

 it's going to take me some time but I promise to reply to everyone

if you haven't blotted at blotanical yet .. your missing out.

this rose is called Nicole .. after my daughter

this is another plant from my neighbour a green-yellow orchid . It looks like it's about to fly off ,
a Flowercopter.
 the 2 white bits could be where the 'flower' fairies sit and control the flowercopter.

it has flowered every year faithfully

The red in this red rose does not look like this , it's much much darker
it's a bella-something or the other from a rose shop called Ludwigs
I have a number of his roses , will do a post on it when I have nice pics of all of them.

I added this to keep the balance of pink and yellow flowers ..
did you notice ?
it's pink yellow, pink yellow, pink yellow
if you scroll up then it will be yellow pink, yellow pink, yellow pink,

can you say that fast ... I sound very funny
hope you enjoyed the blooms
blog you later


  1. Hi Praveshree, Great images, I'm a big orchid fan. What is the climate like in your part of South Africa? Congratulations on your blog.

  2. We have Nicole too, after our best next door neighbour at the last house recommended it. Today I notice the first bud starting to open.

  3. Thanks Scott
    I'm in the highveld , at the moment we are in the spring, the rainy season. It rains in the nights and is warm, up to 30deg during the day. the orchid has been placed in the shelter facing the setting sun and seems to love it there. I won't move it. I will have to separate it this year,she has out grown her pot. I'm nervous.

  4. Hi Diana
    I first had this rose planted facing south. And later when we were rebuilding that wall I had to move it to the opposite side of the garden. And she seems to love it there. I've seen more buds on her. My daughter guards her.

  5. I've just found you through Blotanical - i agree it's a great site! I love the helicopter orchid, and I'm sure you're right about the flower fairies ...

  6. I love garden art. All your photo look great. Nice blog also. Flowercopter looks awesome. would like to grow it in my own garden.