Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arums are coming

After the rain , especially this time of the year,

 I search the spots I have memorized where the yellow arums are planted.

 They used to be all on the east facing wall. Until last year when my husband and the neighbour decided it was time to redo the wall !

And in a frantic , furious frenzy I had to relocate the precious bulbs all over the garden.

 I must confess I left some behind and I also forgot some of the places I replanted them.

the first few flowers are starting to show

it's there , trust me. It's green now but soon I'll send you bright yellow pictures.
They are my favorite because it was my dad's favorite , that he got from his mom.
He passed on five years ago.
His theory was that if the second leaf is a flower then the bulb will flower
else it won't at all. So far it's held true in my garden.

this only has a yellow sun tinted color .. the white arums have been flowering already

and will continue long after the yellow have died off

if anyone knows how to make the yellow last that long ..

I'm all ears .
The Afrikaans people call Arums 'varkies oorer'  (mind my spelling)
which translated means pigs ears


every part of the arum if eaten is poisonous
I still love them ..


  1. Those are very pretty and I love it when perennials have a family history of being passed down. They just mean so much more! Nice post :) -Amy

  2. so beautiful, I have seen those flowers used as flower bouquet for weddings, it is known as calla lily.
    Not sure whether this is the same one. Didn't know about the poisonous part - it really look very exotic.

  3. I had to come see your arums. They are quite different than mine here. But the leaves of my arum Italicum are coming up so they are coming too. Love these pretty flowers. They are quite a bit bigger.

  4. So very nice to read of your joy over arums' blooming.

  5. Hi Amy .. that is so true , and it's something I look forward to every year, it's not just another pretty flower in my garden.

    Hi James , not sure about the names , I'm really an amature with names.

    Hi tina .. Please let me know when you do a post on your arums , I would love to see them

    Hi Mary Delle .. I am so joyous , thanks for the comment .. I can't wait for the bright cheerful yellow spots in my garden