Sunday, November 8, 2009

A garden fairy was captured on camera

I was taking pictures one afternoon

when behind the yesterday , today and tomorrow I spotted a tiny pink and white movement

it was is so many pictures , of my wild garlic

my petunias

even the ice berg roses

it wasn't alone . There was a fairy guard also  by the geraniums

they came riding on two white fairy beasts  by the orchids

she liked the blue salvias

she found something interesting

and went in for a closer look

she called her fairy guard to come see too

the white beasts were on watch.

the fairy guard gave them strict instructions, by the newly purchased varigated leave plant

he made sure the garden fairy was safe by the yellow flowers from the silver leaved plant

she could be seen even at the geraniums

and at an angle by the alysums

she peered in at the red salvias when she was finished with her garden magic

and claimed some flowers as a reward


  1. What a simply wonderful posting.You just made my smile for today.The little fairy and the guards love the garden too.

  2. Thanks Hocking hills .. I garden not just to attract birds and butterflys , but fairies too lol!

  3. My husband looked over my shoulder and said, "Who is That?" and I showed him the whole post. Too cute. Love the white beasts accompanying the precious Fairy Children.

    Nell Jean -- seed scatterer

  4. What a wonderful post! Those Beasts are always the best sitters for little fairy children.

  5. Lovely fairies. I love garden fairies too. There is a delightful little movie called "Fairy Tale" which your children may like. Garden fairies evoke a sense of magic in all of us. Michelle

  6. I was really touched by your magic.
    The fairy & the guardians were really magical.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  7. What a great post! You have some beautiful blooms in your garden.

  8. Thank you for the comments. I really enjoyed putting this together.

    Thanks Nell , I'm glad your husband enjoyed it too, my husband also sneeks a peak when I'm checking out the blogs

    Thanks Janie , the dogs usually jump on top of me, but are so careful with the kids.

    Thanks Michelle , is 'Fairy Tales' a cartoon ? is it a new movie ? maybe it's not yet out here

    Thanks James , I'm glad you enjoyed the magic.

    Thank you Amy, I really appreciate the comment.

  9. I have always believed in garden fairies. Your garden is certainly a magical place.

  10. Your little fairy is adorable in her pink skirt. I know she takes good care of your garden.

  11. Wonderful & beautiful post. Your flower fairy is precious. I think they do exist, I even have a book about how to find them.

  12. A very sweet post. Your love for your little fairy is evident! And the fairy's love of flowers is evident too.

  13. She deserves her reward after all that hard fairy business. Very cute.

  14. Hi Noelle , thanks for the comment.Just watching plant grow is magical :)

    Hi Mary Delle - she does , today she pruned the strawberry plant of the only ripe fruit , her bounty ;)

    Hi Rebecca , :) mine lives inside with us .

    Hi Grace , my whole world changed when they were born, and really revolves arround them

    Hi Helen , she is still claiming rewards from the garden ,* grin that is the main function of the flowers , but shhhh don't tell her , or she will pick every one

    Hi Catherine , thank you so much , I am truely blessed with her presence

    Thanks you very much to everyone who has left a message , I am so honored